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Powering Digital Economies of Tomorrow

At PICOS Technology, we work with you to provide solutions that are cloud-native, ultra low latency and cost- efficient, designed to empower next generation fintech infrastructures, exchanges and digital economies.

Our Technology

PICOS Universal Messaging Engine (PUME), an institutional grade software that forms the bedrock of our solutions to power digital economies. Compared to competitor solutions available, PUME offers massive throughput of 3 million messages per second in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Massive throughput to handle demanding workload of real-time communication between services and users

  • Adaptable integration that supports different message formats and protocols

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics

What We Do

We provide next-gen innovative, bespoke solutions and tools to help you grow your business.

Exchange-as-a Service

Launch your exchange with our time and cost-efficient white label solutions. No technical expertise required.

  • Ideal for various asset classes, such as CFD, FX, Cryptocurrency, and Carbon credits etc.

  • Seamless integration

  • Scalable and customisable

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Blockchain Services

Utilise our blockchain technology to tokenise real world assets and enhance accessibility through a foundation of strong trust.

  • Continuous 24/7 market trading on blockchain

  • Global reach with lower barriers of entry

  • Smart contracts

  • Collaborative tools for real-time auditing

Proprietary Big Data solutions

Harness the power of real-time data insights and advanced analytics to stay ahead of the competition.

  • High-quality, real-time data insights

  • Robust governance

  • Automated data processing and seamless data management

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Accelerate your business towards a future of success with our high-performance technology solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs.


Cutting Edge Technologies

Our deep understanding and implementation of advanced tools such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning enable us to drive efficiency, improve processes, and elevate overall performance.


Dedicated expertise

Our 20+ technology, markets and finance experts deliver solutions that drive accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness.

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Customer-centric approach

Putting customers first, we understand unique needs, deliver personalised experiences, and foster trusted relationships for shared success.

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We build modular and scalable next-gen solutions that offer high performance at a fraction of the costs to future-proof your business for rapid growth.

At our core, we are a company driven by innovation, integrity, and a passion for excellence.
PICOS Technology is dedicated to developing solutions that not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations. We remain committed to being a leader in the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions that drive success for our clients.
PICOS Technology
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